Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire – Don't miss it!

It was fun, it was great!
We look forward to have you with us in the 2018's maker Faire!

For the fifth year, dozens of innovators, artists and inventors will gather at the Science Museum to take part in the Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire – a colorful happening where creativity and innovation, originality and inventiveness all come together.

Dozens of Makers will descend on the Museum to display their unusual and surprising creations. A wide range of their projects will be on display for the very first time – and for a limited time only!!!

Take a glimpse… You don't want to miss 2017's faire!

Cagliostro vs Makers – Cagliostro, the noted magician, intends to prove to Makers that not everything can be done alone. Magicians belong to one of the world’s most ancient professions. For generations their secrets were passed down from father to son. Now that Internet has entered our lives, modern magicians are faced with a problem. The Web shares, teaches, and distributes information, making it accessible to all. This is the opposite of what magicians want, including Cagliostro himself. He teaches magic, in contrast to one who ‘reveals’ magic. In other words, not everything is learned, and it’s not possible to do everything alone in this sphere. First you must know the secret and only then can you begin to practice it. During the performance Cagliostro, together with the audience, will find out what can be learned, how to learn it, and whether it is even possible.
(NIS 10 admission fee, Shows at: 12:00, 15:30)

Dr. Molecule – “Rockets”
Twenty minutes of missiles, rockets, explosions, and the doctor’s newest invention, the “sock rocket”. Dr. Molecule will demonstrate chemical reactions, energy replacement, sudden ignition, and flying missiles. Short, funny, wild, educational and exciting, with the participation of children in the audience.
(Free admission)

Construction workshops: Building, experimenting, and taking home souvenirs!
The Magic Wand – The Moving Toys Workshop under the direction of Noga Alhasid, who brings us a new workshop of wild and magical toys. Construct your own magic wand and see what happens when you twirl it. A gift for each participant!

Wearing Lights – design and construct technological accessories that light up. (For ages 8 and up)

Light Card – construct a greeting card using cardboard, sparkling LED lights, a battery, and conductive glue. A creative and enjoyable activity to kindle your imagination. (For ages 8 and up).

Jet Balloon – a hovercraft, a cable car and a motorcar. Parents and children participate in this construction workshop in the spirit of the Maker movement, inventing simple balloon-propelled machines.

Make Your Self – Construction workshop for parents and children under the direction of Dana Raviv. Make a self-portrait out of a wide range of materials. Plan, choose, build, and you’ll end up with a highly original self-portrait!

Experimental workshops:
Gil-Gula – modular construction area with hundreds of holes covering a large surface. Design tracks for marbles using pieces of wood, wooden skewers, boards, marbles, and other simple accessories. It’s fun to work alone, with your family, or in groups. You will learn the laws of physics while building and having fun.

Machine Dance – create motorized and illuminated tools out of household utensils. (For ages 8 and up).

Moving Straws – participants will explore the term interaction using drinking straws, engines and sensors. (For ages 8 and up).

Under Construction! – construction sites where you can build giant buildings and experiment with materials such as magnets, sticks, sponges, flexible thin wooden sticks, rubber bands, and giant colored blocks.

Something’s Doing Something – pyrotechnics and technological tomfoolery in an interactive display, with audience participation. This display draws its inspiration from the ‘cause and effect’ machines dreamed up by Rube Goldberg. Since then countless versions of his enchanting and wonderful machine have been created, a machine whose only purpose is a glorious celebration of eye-catching, colorful technology that captures our hearts. Visitors, both children and adults, are invited to imagine, design, and create their own ‘family machine,’ using bouncy balls, revolving motors, flying ribbons, bottles, wooden boards, and many more materials. The family machines will be included in one large, entertaining exhibit that will be activated several times a day.

Visitors are invited to contact the Museum or sign up at the Faire site to reserve a worktable.

Offbits – the Offbit robots are back! Fun workshop for parents and kids, building cute mini-robots, each with its own personality. Using screws, springs, and other items you can plan, assemble and build your own Offbits. You can film yourself with your Offbit and even purchase them on the spot.

Lectures/Open Discussion:
Robot Monkeys – Amit Drori will hold a series of encounters where he will present his work. Drori creates theater based on the unique development of poetic robots and machines which he built over a long period of craftsmanship. His work repeatedly deals with images of mechanical animals, and transitions between human, animal, and the mechanical.
His works have been displayed throughout the world. In this encounter, Drori offers the audience a glimpse of his studio, the stages of his work, and a close-up of the delicate and precise mechanisms that were built to create poetic and human expression.
This is part of the developmental work for his Monkeys project, which will be launched in the Interdisciplinary Arena in Jerusalem in Autumn 2017.

June 1st, at 12:00, 13:30, 15:30 (40 minutes. Ages 10 and up)

Meet the Maker
A direct encounter with several Makers who will display their works, tell their personal stories, and describe what drives them to create.
May 31st and June 1st, at 12:30, 16:30 (20 minutes. For youth and adults)

Besides the magazine and the faire, MAKE is:

– a vital online stream of news and projects, blog.makezine.com;
– a retail outlet for kits and books, the Maker Shed;
– a steady stream of fun and instruction via our YouTube channel;
– Make: Projects, a library of projects with step-by-step instructions
– a publisher of best-in-category titles via Make: Books, including introductions to electronics,
– Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, Arduino and more.

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